Arranging a Funeral

The following questions have been compiled to help you think about the decisions that you will need to make when arranging a funeral.

You are under no pressure to decide on anything at this stage, and we will be more than happy to explain everything to you when we meet. However, if you and your family feel that you would like to begin looking at the services we offer, please do so using the information on this website or our services brochure if you prefer.

When you meet with your funeral arranger, they will cover all elements of the funeral arrangement and explain available options in detail.

  • Is the funeral to be a burial or a cremation?
  • Where would you like the service to be held - a church, cemetery or crematorium chapel?
  • Do you have a preference for any particular minister of religion or officiant to take the funeral service for you?
  • What kind of hearse do you require?
  • Would you require any vehicles for transportation of mourners?
  • Where would you like the cortege to leave from ?
  • Where will you be returning to after the funeral ?
  • Will you be visiting the deceased in the chapel of rest to pay your last respects?
  • Would you like the deceased to be wearing their own clothes or a gown?
  • Are you welcoming flowers to be sent to the funeral or would you prefer donations in lieu for a chosen charity? Please note that we will collect donations on your behalf and hold the fund open for at least one month following the funeral.
  • Would you like a newspaper or online notice to announce the details of the funeral?
  • Have you considered your choice of coffin?
  • Do you have any specific personal music that you would like to use during the service?
  • Would you like an Order of Service?
  • Will the family want to carry the coffin, or will that be left to our professional staff?
  • Would you like a list of mourners attending the funeral service?

R.L.Rea can help with all of these and any other special requirements you may have. Please remember, you do not need to consider all or any of these questions until you feel ready. Your funeral director will be happy to discuss everything in detail with you when you meet.